The Best MP3 Players For Runners

Fitness is currently among the most pursued states in life. There are many ways to keep fit and among them is jogging or running. However you can choose to spice up your running experience with a little music to keep you going. That is where the MP3 player comes in as a handy companion during that fitness session.

What is an MP3 player?

This is a special device that is used to play music recorded in a special format. Generally the technology in use to store and play music on such a device allows you to have very many tracks stored in very little space meaning you have longer music sessions than what you would get on CDs. Of course there is also the advantage of size and weight that make the players as small as your finger and as light with accessories like earphones that will help you get the music most conveniently.

10 best running gadgets: the top tech for training

10 best running gadgets: the top tech for training

Why choose an MP3 as a runner?

You are probably looking for a device that is light and can be carried around in your pocket. However you desire a device that can also store and play most of favorite tracks and much more and this must therefore have the adequate storage capacity for all this stuff. Therefore the MP3 player is most suited because fits in this category most perfectly. Once you have one, you just fix the earphones or headphones and you are ready to have the experience of your life as you run. The earphones are such that they comfortably and securely fit within your ear making your listening experience most satisfactory.

Some MP3 players for runners

If you love running as profession or hobby you probably might want to know a number of MP3 players that you can choose from. The list can be long but below are just a few of them for your information. The most notable thing you consider is the convenience and of course cost which plays a role in determining what is best for you.



The iPod shuffle is one of those MP3 you can choose because of its stylish features and convenient size for you as a runner. You definitely are looking for something that is almost negligible in weight although able to pack some of your favorite tunes while you are running. The 512MB is adequate enough apart from the player being able to clip on your shirt or pants.

If you are looking for something with a little more capacity for your tunes then you can consider the iPod Nano with a capacity of 4 gigabytes. This can store as many as 1000 songs and that is much even for a whole day running session which is rarely the case.

Alternatively you can check out the Philips Active Ranger player with a capacity of 512 MB equivalent to 100 of your favored tunes. The player also has a stopwatch to help you keep the pace while running.

These are just some of the players among the many other that you can choose from as a runner to give you a satisfactory experience.

Is Your Dating Partner Emotionally Available?

Building a normal relationship is hard work but building a relationship with a person who is emotionally unavailable is extremely hard, deeply draining and a frustrating experience. Some people try to break down the walls in attempts to win the hearts of emotional unavailable love interests but most fail and end up with broken hearts in the process. Most times the signs of a person with emotional issues are quite obvious and apparent but other times they are masked and may be mistaken for other things But there are sure ways of determining if your love interest is emotionally unavailable, below are some questions that may help you arrive at an accurate conclusion about your love interests emotional availability.

1. Do you give more than you take?

If you find yourself giving lots more than you are receiving whether through buying gifts, paying for dinners at all times and your partner never saying a simple thank you or reciprocating with a gift and you do not see any return from dating and investing your time into the relationship then that is a sure sign that the person you are dating is emotionally unavailable. Do not waste time trying to change them hoping that they will start bringing you gifts and showering you with love and attention, do a favor to yourself by ending that relationship quickly.

How To Spot (And Release) Emotionally Unavailable Men

How To Spot (And Release) Emotionally Unavailable Men

2. Are they reliable and there for you?

Does your dating partner’s word mean anything? Do they promise to attend an event or outing with you and then does not show up?

If the person you are dating never fulfills promises made to you, never attends a work function or promotion to celebrate with you and never shows you any support then they are emotionally unavailable. People who care about you will fulfill their promises and show you support no matter what the circumstances.

Consider Yourself Warned: 8 Signs You’re Dating An Emotionally Unavailable Man

Consider Yourself Warned: 8 Signs You’re Dating An Emotionally Unavailable Man

3. Do they share their feelings with you?

Although most men do not jump at opportunities to bare out their souls, they are just not wired that way it is abnormal if the person you are dating never shares what they are feeling. If a months of dating and they still stone up at every opportunity to share their feelings and even get irritated and mad when you share your feelings with them then high chances are that the person is emotionally unavailable.

4. Do you discuss your relationship?

If the person you are dating tenses up whenever the question of where the relationship is heading arises while it is impossible to get them to talk about their intentions and the future of the relationship then this failure to communicate is a sure sign of emotional unavailability.

5. Do they keep talking about their past relationship?

This is a sign that most people ignore but is a sign of emotional unavailability, if they keep talking about their exes and there is bitterness, anger or sadness about their past relationships it is a sign that they are not completely healed and over their exes which makes them emotionally unavailable to you.

This are just some of the signs that may help you avoid heartache and future heartbreak when you have invested a lot into a relationship and it breaks down due to the other person being emotionally unavailable.

Practice Healthy Exercise: Avoid Brain Mental Illness!

We use our brain everyday that’s why we need to keep it healthy. Want to keep your brain healthy? Well you have come to the right place; there are some ways on how to keep our brain healthy without exhausting yourself. If you cannot teach a dog a new trick, well not your brain, undoubtedly you can train your brain for some innovative actions. Scientists have established that an individual brain has an astounding capacity to become accustomed and change an aptitude that is called neuron plasticity. With a proper inducement, your brain can form new neural pathways, assortment increases your cognitive capability, it also improves your knack to find out innovative information, and it will also boost your memory. Following are some brain exercises that can help you improve your brain capacity:

Make use to it or you will loss it! Have a cognitive calthenitics

Memorize a verse, engage in recreation, take pleasure in playing an exigent crossword puzzle, learn to memorize a phone number by heart, try and learned to calculate numbers without a calculator, try to memorize a lyrics in your favorite song, and memorize your shopping inventory, anything that is new to you. Challenge yourself through new experiences.

Buff up your brain

Buff up your brain

Make use of your dominant hand

If you are a right handed person use your left hand, use it in eating, and use it to comb your hair, use it in brushing your teeth, use it in writing your name, or try to put your mouse pad in the other side of your keyboard. Through the practice of your non-dominant hand it will help you stimulates your communication skills, it can help improve your psychological capability as well as your corporal stability.

Try to reward yourself for a job well done

If you stick to your plan, then think of a way that you can reward yourself. You can be more aggressive about your arrangement if there is compensation at the end.

Engage yourself in reading

Reading helps us to enhance our brain reflexes, whatever is your purpose in reading either for pleasure, or to gather information. Reading can help us increase our “cognitive reserve” to lower the risk of dementia.

All you need to know...Body, Mind, Spirit

All you need to know…Body, Mind, Spirit

Try to change your routine

These exercises are called Neurotics. Some of it is changing your handedness, altering your usual actions using your brain connections. Experts advised are taking a shower with your eyes closed or changing the design of your table or office.

Learned a new foreign language

Memorizing different languages can help activate the parts of your brain that you haven’t use from the time you began to chatter. Experts had found out that learning another language can help to augment the blood supply of the brain to maintain nerve relations vigorous.

You should learned to enjoy music

Learn new music instrument. Try to learned different kinds of music. Memorize your favorite songs and try to sing them every day.

Physical matters, exercise everyday!

Daily exercise can help activate your nerve cells. It increases the blood regulation of our brain and it helps to enhanced our concentration, analysis and as well as our memory.

Have an active life be social

You can exercise your brain through chatting and visiting your friends. Experts say that a active social life can lower the cause of Alzheimer’s.

Find a new experience and hobby

Dispute your brain to learned new skills, learned new things that you have not yet learn before. If you think you can’t be an artist, and then learned how draw as well as how to paint. If you know how to play a guitar then learned how to play a violin. Engage in new things and experiences.

Practice your brain, don’t keep it idle, your brain is one of the important organs in your body and that means you have to keep it healthy. Practice those steps and you’re on your way. Practice your brain to avoid disease related in brain disorders. Learn to practice, practice, and practice, always keep that in mind.

3 Best Solutions In Dealing Credit Card Debt

Managing credit card debt is really a degrading experience some people endure on a regular basis. Credit card loan companies often trigger stress as well as also anguish, sometimes manipulating what the law states in this process. For many people it is so hard to pay for more as opposed to minimum every month, or to make payments promptly. In these types of cases, the actual accumulating curiosity, late service fees, as well as potentially over-the-limit service fees all add up with the principle balance, causing the crooks to sink more into financial debt.

Top Solutions to Dealing with Debt

People, who are seeking personal credit card debt solutions, will get a number of alternatives, from debt consolidation loans and balance transfers to the help of the professionals, when the problem seems too overwhelming to overcome automatically. Here are the top 3 solutions to deal with credit card debt.

How to deal with debt

How to deal with debt

Self-Help Tactics

If you are still able to make your credit card payments, but are concerned that the balance is spiraling unmanageable, check the rates on all of your credit cards and make an effort to pay down the one with the greatest interest rate first.

  • Spend on your budget or stop purchasing new items with your credit card

  • Try to increase the minimum amount you are paying per month

  • Never make any due. Make your credit card payment fast

Personal Loan and Stability Transfers

Find a credit card with less interest and move your balances from your other credit cards. It can possibly be helpful for those people who are searching for the easiest debt solution.

  • Find less interest personal unsecured loan from any lender as well as also use that to pay off your bank cards.

  • Be knowledgeable that card companies perhaps put any limit for the transfer amount, which will not be enough to cover your total credit debt.

Martin Lewis: How to play the credit card game

Martin Lewis: How to play the credit card game

Debt Management Programs and Debt Consolidation Plans

Consider seeking credit cards debt solution that has a reputable credit card debt relief company which offers solutions like a Debt Management Plan or perhaps a Debt Consolidation Plans. Any of these plans can be a viable option for a consumer who is struggling with personal credit card debt.

  • The Debt Management Plans provider negotiates the volume of that payment with the credit card issuers on your behalf, and redirects the payments in their mind. This single payment amount is generally easier for your consumer to deal with and cover.

  • With a Debt consolidation Plan, you will be able to complete a monthly payment you can afford for the DSP service, to become held with escrow while they negotiate a reduced settlement around the total debt together with your creditors.


Whatever your credit card debt solution you ultimately choose, it is important to check the references of any debt relief service provider you work with. It will help you not to make your bad situation worse. There is absolutely no magic debt solution of credit card to end debts overnight. But having dedicated effort, you may soon end up being working your way toward the safer fiscal future.

3 Ways To Know You Are An Effective Leader

Taking a leadership role is never easy. It is in fact one of the most challenging jobs that anyone can ever have. Good leaders are necessary so that a business will achieve its goals. Have you ever ask yourself if you are an effective leader? Perhaps you think you’re doing a great job and you fail to realize that there’s room for improvement. Maybe you’re an effective leader, maybe not. Here are 3 ways to find out.

1. You lead yourself first.

You got to admit it. There’s no one else that’s harder to lead than yourself. Leading yourself requires discipline and commitment. Leading yourself means leading by example. You set the tone for everyone else. It gives you the chance to influence employees positively. As an effective leader, you should know what’s right and what’s wrong. Of course, you should be on the right path and stick to what’s right. Your job as a leader never ceases. Remember that you are a leader 24/7. So make sure that you always act mature and you discipline yourself.

10 Ways to Help You Become an Efficient and Effective Leader

`10 Ways to Help You Become an Efficient and Effective Leader

2. You have a clear vision.

Vision. All your efforts are worthless when you don’t know where you’re heading. A clear vision is what everyone needs. Effective leaders know where they’re going and know how to get there. They have plans on how to reach their long-term goals. More importantly, they have the ability to communicate their plans to others. An effective leader can communicate his or her vision to other people in a convincing manner. You need to make your team believe you. You need their cooperation and hard work for goals to be achieved.

3. You know how to lead others.

Effective leaders have excellent interpersonal skills. You should know how to persuade others. You should understand others. Know their needs, wants, and even their fears. You should be a good motivator. Motivate people by letting them do things the way they want. Remember that coercion is not a trait of a good leader. You empower others. Empowering your team starts by believing in them. When you believe in them, it’ll be easier for them to believe in themselves. You’re an effective leader if you can help people reach their highest potential and be the best they can be.

3 Ways Technology Has Affected Corporate Leadership in 2013: Have You Adapted?

3 Ways Technology Has Affected Corporate Leadership in 2013: Have You Adapted?

If you see these traits in you, then you’re doing a great job. Then again, you shouldn’t stop where you are right now. Move forward and strive to get better. If you find out that you haven’t been an effective leader, work hard to change. Your company’s success greatly depends on you, so don’t give up. Now is not the time to let go of your goals. Be an effective leader and you’ll go a long way.